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Industrial Installations


Services complex /Cinisello Balsamo.– MI Curtain wall facing – MI
Services complex /Cinisello Balsamo.– MI Curtain wall facing – MI
Solar powercanopy – Varese
Curtainwall,SchücoSerramenti – MI
Curtain wall with door and window fittings – MI
Curtain wall facing –MI

The company

The BONOMI PREFABRICATED BUILDING Group have extensive experience providing technological services, working in partnership with leading companies in this sector (Genera Srl). Their main role is provide personnel specialized in the installation of: building facades in glass-aluminium and steel, door and window fittings, ventilated curtain walls, structural metalwork, industrial sheds in metalwork and prefabricated s.r.c., solar panel roofing, asbestos remediation and disposal, and in setting up prefabricated structures for worksites.

On request, our Technical Office staff can provide design assistance for individual procedures or for the complete development of a job, thus avoiding incidental issues of discrepancy between the design stage and implementation of works on site.

Our Technical staff are organized to deal with all types of project, in both industrial and technological plants, from the smallest (private apartments and houses, minor residential complexes, shops) to the largest (residential, commercial, accommodation, or industrial complexes).

Thanks to our proven experience acquired over many years, we can guarantee delivery times and quality in line with the highest market standards.


In recent years have seen constant technological development of all building materials. There are new standards and regulations, as well as a drive to improve the quality of life of users, who are ever more aware and demanding as regards the comfort of their living spaces and the running costs of buildings. These were the factors that motivated companies in their research, development, and marketing of new products. The high performance of the most advanced systems combined with glazed components has resulted in an ever growing use of transparent surfaces to provide high standards of thermal and acoustic insulation, air and weather proofing and mechanical stability even over wide spans. These now offer additional advanced characteristics, like for example resistance to forced entry, and bullet proofing. Naturally, all operators aim to ensure the performance specifications certified in laboratory or on site, and that integration with the building structure does not compromise it immediately (thermal or acoustic bridges, etc.) or over time (mechanical stability, functionality, etc.) Product installation is a fundamental stage for defining the performance of a building, regardless of the materials involved.

The quality of installation can radically affect the thermal and acoustic insulation, resistance to atmospheric agents, and load capacity. This very delicate stage is rendered even more complex because it does not take place in the convenient setting of a laboratory or workshop, but in the turbulent context of a building site.

The experience of the BONOMI PREFABRICATED BUILDING Group's sophisticated laboratories, combined with our partner companies in the sector equipped with the most modern instrumentation and equipment, allows us to resolve all these issues. Our aim is to satisfy our customer's performance demands and sustain a constant professional development in step with the rapid technological evolution underway.

Areas In Which We Work

- Facade Facings
- Curtain Walls
- Ventilated Curtain Walls
- Roofing
- Remediation and Disposal of Asbestos
- Structural Metalwork
- Solar Power Systems
- Setting upof Metal Prefabs
- Maintenance

  • Services complex /Cinisello Balsamo


  • Curtain wall facing – MI



  • Curtain wall with door and window fittings – MI



  • Services complex –MI


  • Curtainwall,SchücoSerramenti – MI


  • Solar powercanopy – Varese